about donia 

Donia is a creativity maven with a strong interest & growing experience in contemporary art, creative marketing, hospitality & event planning, geek culture, & art in the post-Facebook age. She is also an active member of the new contemporary art scene & surrealist communities, an independent curator, creative influencer, & practicing artist.

She has spent the past decade working in the contemporary art world in positions ranging from art journalism & visual-media correspondence to consulting artists on business marketing to facilitating fine art sales. The fourteen years prior, she worked in the hospitality industry in team lead positions with both corporate companies & small businesses.

I believe that the art world should be about community & collaboration. I also believe that it shouldn't be an exclusive club. Creativity is a natural human need & skill so we are all artists in our own right. I always want to bring others in on the conversation, whether they be visual art fanatics like myself or those claiming to know nothing about fine art & "can barely draw a stick figure". I try & achieve this by sharing the creativity of others through different media & social outlets, by supporting projects that do good, & attempting to make sure art education stays relevant in our society. 


Portraits courtesy of JJ Darling 



Curator  |  Gristle Art Gallery Brooklyn  |  2020 - Current

Admin  |  The Teaching Studios of Art Online |  2020 - Current

Assistant Director  |   Last Rites & Paul Booth Galleries NYC  |   2016 - 2020

Online Curator & Correspondent   |  ArtAttacks! Online   |   2012 - 2017


Ultraviolet |   Last Rites Gallery NYC  |   2018  |   Guest Curation

Forbidden Thinking   |  Last Rites Gallery NYC   |   2017  |   Guest Curation

Snap Attacks!  |   Snap! Orlando   |   2014  | Co-curation in association w/ ArtAttacks!


Among Us  |   F8 San Francisco   |   2013  |   Pop-Up Exhibition


Painter Max Kauffman Goes With The Flow |  Beautiful Bizarre  |   2016  |  Article

Border Creatures: The Paintings of Adrian Cox |  Beautiful Bizarre  |   2016  |  Artist Spotlight

Pop Dreams: The Art of Johannah O'Donnell |  Beautiful Bizarre  |   2016  |  Artist Spotlight

Through the Carbon Clouds of Zofia Bogusz  |  Beautiful Bizarre  |   2015  |  Artist Spotlight

Derek Gores at Aqua Miami  |   ArtAttacks! Online  |   2015  |   Gallerist Spotlight


Zofia Bogusz: Studio Visit  |   ArtAttacks! Online   |   2014  |   Video Interview

Collection & Ritual: Lucien Shapiro  |  ArtAttacks! Online   |   2014  |   Interview

 service & hospitality 

Server/Team Lead  |   BRGuest Hospitality   |   2013 - 2017

FOH Supervisor   |   The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen   |  2012 - 2013

Regional Trainer   |   BJ's Restaurants & Brewhouse   |  2006 - 2012


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator; learning InDesign, Premiere. Procreate v5.2.
Google Workspace. Microsoft Word, Excel.
B2C Social Media PlatformsGalleryManager art sales & inventory software. Artsy CMS.
Point of Sales: Square, Shopify, Venmo, Storenvy, MICROS, POSI, Aloha.

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