Donia is a fine artist whose illustrative work wanders through ideas of human psychology, altered mental states, and one's connection to the universe. She questions concepts of love, time, and existence through depictions of mystical vignetted figures, drawn hovering in off-kilter voids and celestial landscapes. 


Donia's graphic style of drawing comes from a background studying animation and sequential art from a young age. When studying art history, she compared the striking line work and visual storytelling of Art Nouveau posters and Japanese Ukiyo-e pieces to that of modern-day graphic novels. These influences go further in Donia's artwork, where elegant forms from Mannerism and Rococo collide with magical girl tropes to become ethereal figures with a bold presence, creating a new illustrative approach to Contemporary Surrealism and Suggestivism movements.

2019 | Voyager | BBAM! Gallery, Montreal, Quebec



2020 | Cult Of Meow IV | Gristle Art Gallery, Online Exclusive

2019 | Trading Card Art Show | Gristle Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2019 | Superfine Art Fair NYC | with BBAM! Gallery

2015 | Shadowbox | Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA

2014 | Snap! Attacks! | Snap! Orlando, FL

2014 | UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence | Modern Eden, San Francisco, CA

To inquire about available artwork or to reach out regarding art related opportunities, please don't hesitate to send a message.